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Battery pack connector

With the development and demand of electronic products, nowadays, high-power portable electronic products are integrated into our life, and the power connector is particularly important. To ensure the product's life span, it is necessary to use a large capacity battery, which needs a large current battery connector for energy transmission.

The connector simplifies the assembly process of electronic products. The assembly purpose can be achieved through plug-in, which is easy to operate. At the same time, it also simplifies the process of mass production. The industry unifies the standard specifications, and there is no need to find a special specification and model. It is easy to maintain. If a component fails, it can be quickly replaced when a connector is installed; it is easy to upgrade. With the progress of technology, the component can be updated when the connector is installed, and the old one can be replaced by a new generation of more perfect components; To improve the design flexibility, the use of connectors enables engineers to have more flexibility in designing and integrating new products, and in composing systems with components.